Custom University College Pins
Custom University College Pins
1”Hard enamel pins, die struck with silver finish.
Custom LAWO Fraternity Pins
Custom LAWO Fraternity Pins
1’’ soft enamel pins with dye white finish
DSIF Custom Logo Pins
DSIF Custom Logo Pins
0.75" Soft enamel pins with Silver finish
Budweiser Business Pins
Budweiser Business Pins
1" Hard enamel pins with silver finish
Comfort keepers Custom Logo Pins
Comfort keepers Custom Logo Pins
1.4" Hard enamel pins with silver finish
Perry Law Custom Logo Pins
Perry Law Custom Logo Pins
1.46" Soft enamel pins with silver finish
2019 ASA Custom Pins
2019 ASA Custom Pins
1" Antique pins with antique brass finish
District Office Logo Pins
District Office Logo Pins
0.75" Soft enamel pins with silver finish.
Marine Industries Association Logo Lapel Pins
Marine Industries Association Logo Lapel Pins
1" Soft enamel pins with dye black.
Fanboy3 Promotional Pins
Fanboy3 Promotional Pins
1.25" Soft enamel pins with dye black
Greenway Custom promotional pins
Greenway Custom promotional pins
1.2" Soft Enamel Pins with dye green finish.
Woo’s Burg Pins with Logo
Woo’s Burg Pins with Logo
1.5" soft enamel pins with die black finish
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Logo Pins

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  • Custom University College Pins
  • Custom LAWO Fraternity Pins
  • DSIF Custom Logo Pins
  • Budweiser Business Pins
  • Comfort keepers Custom Logo Pins
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What Are The Use of the Logo Pins?

Logo enamel pins present concrete objects, architecture, scenes and abstract spirits and ideas in the form of words and patterns. Through special patterns and words, people can naturally associate the logo with the object that it symbolizes.

It can be used for corporate propaganda, identification of students from different schools, as a souvenir of an event, and so on, which is significant to some extent.

Logo Pins

What Are Logo Pins?

Custom logo pins are more flexible than embroidery or jewelry. Employees wearing them at a certain place or event will be more identifiable. They look great whether you're wearing a suit or a shirt, or whether you're in a conference room or on a golf course.

Logo pins are a design that has simple patterns, clear meanings, or standard visual symbols. It is usually the name of a company or a group, logo mark, or a combination of the two things. The typical logo pins are a fraternity or sorority pins.

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What Are The Types of Logo Pins?

Celen Capital Logo Pins

Corporate Logo Pins

The Logo pin design is closely related to the operation of the enterprise, trademark design is an essential element of daily business activities, advertising, cultural construction, foreign exchanges, it grows with the growth of the enterprise, its value is also growing. Therefore, enterprises with a long-term vision attach great importance to logo design.

In the early stage of enterprise establishment, good design is undoubtedly an important carrier for the accumulation of intangible assets in the future.

Aldridge University Logo Pins

School Logo Pins

The school logo is also very representative, which can distinguish students from different schools. Students or teachers wear it, so it's easy to tell which students belong to which school. It's very iconic. Many students from famous universities wear school pins, which is not only a sign but also an honor, representing how excellent they are. Of course, school logos can also be used as souvenirs to mark the school times.

Teams Logo Pins

Organization Logo Pins

Organizational mark refers to the content that expresses the cultural characteristics of the organization in the symbolic externalized form and distinguishes it clearly from other organizations. Such as the sorority pins, custom fraternity pins, and economic development organization pins, these are typical organization logo pins. You can also customize logo pins as team trading pins.

Design Principles of Logo Pins






The logo design should focus on concise and bright, infectious. Whatever method is used to design the logo, the design should be simple. It is clear, attractive, and easy to recognize, understand and remember.


Logo pins shall be exquisite, conform to the aesthetic principle, and display the logo shall be beautiful and generous, to attract people's attention. The form of symbols should conform to the common perception of the beauty of human beings; To pay attention to the combination of point, line, surface with each other, only in this way can constitute complete custom lapel pins.


Logo pins should be stable, consistent, and universal. It should not be replaced frequently, otherwise, it will affect people's use and recognition.

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(4) Whether you like fraternities’ sororities or others, you can come to our website to see the logo pins you like. If you want to create your own custom logo lapel pin design, let us know, as a lapel pin manufacturer that we will turn your idea into reality.

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