Crucifix Nursing Pins
Crucifix Nursing Pins
1.45”Soft enamel pins, die struck with silver finish.
Nursing Medical Assistant Pins
Nursing Medical Assistant Pins
1" Soft enamel lapel pins, die struck with silver finish.
Children’s Hospital Medical Lapel Pins
Children’s Hospital Medical Lapel Pins
1.5”Soft enamel pins, die struck with silver finish.
Bicentennial Nursing Pins
Bicentennial Nursing Pins
1" Hard enamel pins, with gold finish
Nursing Graduation Pins
Nursing Graduation Pins
1" Soft enamel lapel pins, die struck with brass finish.
Nurses Night Out Nursing Pins
Nurses Night Out Nursing Pins
1’’Soft enamel pins with silver finish.
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Nursing Pins

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  • Crucifix Nursing Pins
  • Nursing Medical Assistant Pins
  • Children’s Hospital Medical Lapel Pins
  • Bicentennial Nursing Pins
  • Nursing Graduation Pins
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What Are Nursing Pins?

A nursing pin is a medical or nursing badge, usually made of metal such as gold or silver, worn by nurses to identify the nursing school where they graduated. At the graduation ceremony, the college will give them to the newly graduated nurses as a symbol of respect and love for the nursing profession. Most nursing graduation pins are symbolic, usually representing the status or honor of a college or medical staff.

The origin of nursing pins is the Maltese cross. As the Renaissance progressed, the cross evolved into the family crest which was worn by those who performed for medical services. These brooches are then given to the nurse’s social needs in the early stages of disease transmission. Those nurses are educated, trained and experienced in the field.

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Bicentennial Nursing Pins

What the Origin of Masonic Lodges?

Masonic originated in the medieval guilds of stonemasons. Over the centuries, Freemasonry has evolved into a global fraternal organization of self-improvement, individual learning, and personal engagement in philanthropy to improve society. During the 19th and early 20th centuries, freemasonry developed rapidly. The masonic jewelry also appearance.

The masonic tradition of setting up orphanages, widows' homes, and nursing homes was the sole safeguard for many homeless people. Today in North America, masonic continue with this tradition, providing treatment for speech disorders of children, treating eye problems, devoting medical research, and contributing to local community service. So, many masonic lapel pins also appeared in time, and a masonic pin is famous in the world and Scottish rite.

The Nursing Famous Founder

Florence Nightingale was the founder of nursing. After studying nursing in Germany, she went to work in a hospital in London. She became a head nurse of the charity hospital in London in 1853. Known as "the angel of Crimea" or "the lady with the lamp".

As a result of the efforts of the nightingale, let the low social status of nurses are greatly improved, become a symbol of nobility. "Nightingale" has also become synonymous with the spirit of nurses. She was the first real female nurse in the world and started a nursing career. "May 12" international nurses day set up on nightingale's birthday, is to commemorate the founder of a modern nursing career.

What Types of Nursing Pins?

Hospital Care Nursing Pins

Hospital Care Pins

Nursing pins are most common in hospitals, from nurses to specialist doctors, and many hospitals wear them for doctors, especially at abroad. Nursing pins are often worn by doctors to distinguish between doctors and nurses in different hospitals. Nursing pins can usually be worn on nurses’ cap or white coat.

Nursing School Graduation Pin

Nursing School Graduation Pin

Nursing school pins are designed for students studying nursing in school. It symbolizes different nursing schools. Especially at the bachelor of BSN graduation ceremony. When students are about to graduate from the school, the principals are sure to give graduation pins to nursing students, because symbolizes the successful completion of their studies. So, the graduation pinning ceremonies is a very important moment for nursing students.

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